Valley Vista Camp

Updated: November 5, 2019

The Camps & Age groups are as follows:  

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Prerequisites to start a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard, CPR/AED first aid course at Valley Vista Adventist Center:

  1. Swim 6 full Laps non-stop either freestyle or breast stroke at our pool.

  2.  Tread water for 2 minutes hands above head at our pool.

  3. Retrieve a 10lb. object & swim back to the side of the pool with in  1 minute & 30 seconds time limit at our pool.

Life Guard Camp:   Ages 16 & Up    June 9th-14th 2019

                                                                               $250 + $50 (Materials room & board)

Teen Camp:           13-17 year old    June 30th-July 7th 2019 $250

Juniors Camp:       10 -12 years old  July 7th-14th 2019 $250

Adventure Camp:   7 - 9 years old    July 14th-21st 2019  $250

Family Camp:         Everyone            July 21st-24th

     $25 per family member over the age of 5. A maximum fee of $150 per family. This price doesn’t include meals.

Blind Camp :                                     July 21st-24th

           $35 application fee, the rest of the fees will be taken care by Christian Records.